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System Migration Smart Tool

Download DCS Migration Application Story Download DCS Migration Application Story

Systems migration can have many meanings, and many people use different descriptions and definition, which can be misleading. DCS migration as defined by ARC Advisory Group, one of the world leading research and advisory firm for the industry in their “The Control System Migration Survival Manual” study is “Moving from an earlier generation of system to the current state of the art”.


  • Preserving from the legacy system as much intellectual property as possible
  • Leveraging the full capabilities of the new system
  • Minimizing the impact on operations
  • Minimizing cost

But pratically there is two situations when system migration become an absolute necessity.

1. When migration is required because a system can no longer meet the need of a user and his process.


2. When need for migration is a result of technology obsolescence, which often create an additional risk for the sustainability of operation.

Most of the time it is not essential to change everything at the same time. Elements like wiring, field termination, or controllers, often still perform satisfactorily and could remain viable for many years to come. Consoles and operator interfaces, however, have a much shorter life span. This is why specialists suggest that consoles be the first item users should replace.

In the case of ABB systems, many consoles are no longer supported by ABB simply because either hardware or operating systems are obsolete, so users relying on these systems to run their operation may assume an unreasonable level of risk.

When your system works satisfactorily, but consoles need to be replaced, our migration solution offers the user some unique benefits by making the entire migration process smoother, quicker, and more economical that anything else on the market.

With 25 years of experience working on DCS, we have over the last eight years developed the most advanced software tools specifically designed for doing DCS console migration.

These tools allow us to precisely extract the configuration of your existing legacy consoles, analyses it, and rebuild it 100% error free for a new console platform.

Our unique features offer a significant savings.

Additionally, all your investments in engineering and programming from your previous system is totally preserved, while offering you the opportunity to take full advantage of the new technology. Furthermore, in most cases, the migration is performed while operation remains online, without any disruption to production or requiring a system shutdown.

Our focus is to deliver to our customer the value of what ARC Advisory Group recommends in their migration survival manual 1,

ARC Advisory Recommendation

BBA Migration Solution

Tasks like database and graphics conversion should be as automated as possible .

Our advanced software tools are is fully automated and perform all database and graphic graphics conversions without any human intervention .

Preserving as much intellectual property as possible from the legacy system .

Since all information is extracted from the legacy system, all programming, including custom function, are preserved and included in the new platform.

Leveraging the full capabilities of the new system .

Any future development or improvement will be performed on the new platform .

Minimizing the impact on operations .

Migration can be perform with no disruption to operation whatsoever and no production shutdown.

Minimize cost.

No reprogramming by hand required, shorter project cycle, and because our tools are fully automated, no possibility of human error.

1-The Control System Migration Survival Manual, ARC Advisory Group, Larry O'Brien & Dave Woll, march 2010

In fact your personnel will feel totally comfortable moving onto the new console within hours. Their graphics and their way of operating will be completely similar to what they are accustomed to, therefore guaranteeing you a fast, smooth, and safe transition. 

“We were really pleased to see that the full consoles migration did not require any verification time from our personnel, and that with more than the 600 graphics converted by ASSYST, we had 100% success - no revisions necessary!”

Process Control Engineer

“We became familiar with the new system... took about two hours! The graphics looked even better and operated like the Bailey system but with the latest features of the 800xA system. That saved time, because we were immediately efficient using it. I think this provides a safety factor, too – we can react quickly if we need to.”

Chief Operator

Download DCS Migration Application Story Download DCS Migration Application Story            

Total System Compliance
When doing a console migration with our group we guarantee you will get:

  • Perfect reproduction of graphics, including color, from original graphic for a smoother transition for operators.
  • Replication of all static and dynamic shapes and symbols.
  • We guarantee the capture of every object, even the non-visible ones (such as escape-key commands).
  • Every item (lines, text in any language, static and dynamic functions) is fully retraceable in our databases.
  • Total replication of trend displays grouping.
  • Total replication of alarm and security access.
  • Pre-validated configuration – 100% guaranteed.

Reduced Engineering Costs
The only information needed to start the migration process with us is the configuration backup files. Our work will not create an extra burden on your resources.

Overall Reduction of Migration Costs
Because our tools are fully automated, manual interventions are kept to a strict minimum to ensure total compliance and to eliminate any potential for human interpretation or error. Our automated tools allow significant reductions in engineering time, shorter project cycle, and start-up.

No Need for Verification at Job Site.
Because our software tools perform complete database verification prior to migration and the migrated database is then pre-validated offline before start-up. No other validation will be required on the job site and no physical simulation of I/O points will be necessary, resulting in shorter start-up time and the elimination of delays or interruption.

Proven Technology
Our technology is efficient, safe, and proven. Our users include many major companies in Petro-Chemicals, Pulp & Paper, Power, Mining & Metallurgical, Chemicals, etc. from the US, Canada, South America, Asia, and Europe.

Operator Training
Training is often done in a matter of hours and is performed by our migration specialist involved with your project. Training is usually carried out simultaneously with the start-up and in parallel with the old system. This method is both effective and allow users and operators to easily realize the advantages and improvements over the old system.


our 6 steps migration process


Legacy Bailey and ABB Migration capabilities.jpg

 Legacy Bailey and ABB To Schneider Electric Migration capabilities.jpg

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