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An innovative Company: BBA does not limit its activities to the integration of control systems. Indeed, for a number of years, at the very core of our enterprise, we have been conducting important research and development projects aimed at continually developing new products and services with a strong added value that benefit our clients. Based on our extensive experience in various industries, we have developed a totally new server/client concept to access to all documents used by plant production, maintenance and administrative personnel. This Web technology innovative software called INTRA+ allows a user-friendly delivery of technical drawings (AutoCAD, MicroStation, etc.) ISO documents, instruction manuals, production reports, problem reports, lists of equipment, databases (Access, SQL, Oracle, etc.) via a unique window (source software not required). INTRA+ provides support to the plant's personnel (such as executives, engineers, technicians, operators and administrators) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and brings spectacular reductions in lost time and production delays. We are presently continuing to improve INTRA+ which, in Phase II of its development, will be able to deliver real-time information from the plant's control systems. Your source documents are neither moved nor modified, and are rapidly accessible without the source writing software. By accessing the information through our system, you will notice a remarkable increase in employee productivity because diffusion of information and communication between employees will be easier and more efficient, thus allowing you to recapture thousands of hours in lost time, year after year.
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